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Inventory Management System

Optimize Your Operations with Inventory Management Software

Streamline your processes and save time with our Inventory Management Software, a collaborative tool designed to link all departments seamlessly. Our software acts as a warehouse manager, enabling your team to add packages, enroll shipment charges, and track deliveries efficiently.

Efficient Stock Management

Organize your stock effectively using our Stock Management Software. Tag, locate, place, and dispatch stock with ease. Our software ensures fresh stock is tagged and placed in the right racks, while outgoing packages are labeled, shipped, and tracked. Keep your customers updated with shipment tracking details in real-time.

Enhance Warehouse Operations

Transform your warehouse management with our Warehouse Management
Software. Manage stocking, inventorying, and racking effortlessly. Our software tracks stock expiry, monitors depleting stock levels, and sends requisitions to suppliers for fresh stock automatically.

Cost-Effective and Adaptive Solution

Our Inventory Management Software revolutionizes warehouse and stock
management, reducing operational costs while providing robust features to track shipments and manage warehouse correspondence efficiently.

Inventory Management Software Modules Key

  • Multi Company and Branches
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Item Packing and Measures
  • Stock Taking and Counting
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Colour and Size (apparel matrix)
  • Define Automatic Reorder Points
  • Stock Transfer
  • Barcode Printing and Scanning
  • Multiple Categories and Departments
  • Track Serial Numbers, Batch Numbers
  • Define Currency and Price
  • Security, Logins
  • Vendor / Customer Transaction Drill Down
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Tax Codes